Ukraine And Russia To Hold Joint Naval Exercises In Black Sea

MOSCOW, Russia -- For the first time in eight years, the Naval Forces of Ukraine and the Russian Black Sea fleet decided to resume their full-scale military exercises.

Joint military exercises will be resumed.

Prior to this, last year there was an attempt of common military exercises, but only in the format of the command and headquarters cooperation.

This time, warships, aircraft, marine engineering, Marine Corps of both Navies will participate in full, reports Deutsche Welle.

The military will train on the model of an international peacekeeping operation in a crisis region.

The parties set a goal to practice the Joint Staff actions during the planning of a peacekeeping operation and the management of forces in a peacekeeping operation.

Besides, they will hone the coherence of actions of the Ukrainian Navy marines and the Russian Black Sea fleet while landing on unequipped coast, and practice joint actions of the search and rescue forces.

President of the Atlantic Council of Ukraine, Major-General Vadim Grechaninov, said that the Ukrainian military need such exercises a lot.

"We have little money. We cannot hold full-scale exercises on our own. Foreign armies possess new weapons, new approaches, and common exercises are very beneficial for Ukraine", said Grechaninov.

He is convinced that the Ukrainian military should use the recent warming of relationships with Russia to advantage, so that the Ukrainian army is ready for present geopolitical challenges.

"The country is now more feared for its own safety. That's why we are holding such exercises and preparing more units", said Major General.

However, the residents of Crimea are a bit scared of the resumption of such a large military exercise in the waters of the peninsula.

The command of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia has already said that the military took the security issues of the World Fairway 2011 seriously given the scale of common exercises.

The first commander of the Ukrainian Naval Forces, Vice-Admiral Boris Kozhin said that in planning such training operations safety is a critical factor.

"The areas where the training will take place are far from the routes of commercial ships and away from settlements. Those who are planning the practice will ensure public safety", underlined Kozhin.

Source: News BCM