Tymoshenko Demands Prosecutor General Cancel Criminal Proceedings Against Her

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine's former Prime Minister and leader of the Batkivschyna Party Yulia Tymoshenko has once again asked Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka to end the criminal proceedings against her.

Yulia Tymoshenko

"For the third time I am addressing you with a demand that you cancel the decision on opening politically motivated criminal cases against me, along with a number of illegal decisions by the investigators and prosecutors in these three cases," Tymoshenko said in an open letter to the prosecutor general, reads a report posted on her Web site on Monday.

She explained that the two previous complaints, which were addressed personally to Pshonka, had not been considered in due time, so she had to make her third appeal public.

"I am well aware from your own words, that [President Viktor] Yanukovych's instructions have a greater legal force for you than the requirements of the constitution and Ukrainian law. The fact of your personal relationship with Yanukovych is not a secret, but Yanukovychs come and go, and the law and responsibility for breaking it remain," Tymoshenko said.

In her letter, Tymoshenko noted that that Monday was the deadline for considering her complaint registered on May 26 and making a response to it.

"I understand that you realize the political nature of the criminal proceedings opened against me, and therefore do not want to put your signature to anything. But silence will not prevent you from taking responsibility for abuses in these cases and the unlawfulness of their opening. So once again I demand that you respond immediately to my addresses," Tymoshenko said.

Source: Interfax