Southern Utah University Signs Memorandum Of Understanding With Ukraine University

CEDAR CITY, USA - Promoting global citizenry through higher education took the form of a memorandum of understanding Thursday on the campus of Southern Utah University (SUU).

Michael T. Benson (L) gives a book to Colonel Dmytro G. Zabroda.

SUU President Michael T. Benson signed the memo with a delegation of faculty and administrators from the State University of the Ministry of Interior, Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine that creates collaboration between the two institutions with programs and degrees.

"This is another manifestation of our global outreach, and adds to our partnerships, which include Australia, France, England, China and Korea," Benson said.

"We want our students at SUU to be international by-products of global citizenship by providing them with educational opportunities that expose them to people and places from all over the world."

The Sargon Heinrich Global Engagement Center opened in fall 2010, and has since forged multiple international partnership agreements, including the newly established one with the Ukraine with the help of SUU's Director of International Training Projects, Tom Dempsey.

Dempsey facilitated the partnership from prior experience working with the country on exchanges he conducted as the director of the Police Training Institute at the University of Illinois.

"We've worked on delivery of customized programs and degrees that benefit both of our students," Dempsey said. "As the university expands its global engagement, these opportunities with enhance the educational experience of students because of these relationships."

The State University in Dnipropetrovs'k is one of the largest universities in Ministry of Interior. Its student body includes traditional students and police recruits that receive an academic education similar to the baccalaureate liberal arts and sciences that SUU specializes in.

The Ukrainian university also has a law school and police academy in nearby cities, and many of its students also go on to earn graduate level law degrees.

Of most interest to Dmytro G. Zabroda, Ukrainian provost and colonel of the militia, was SUU's summer and online programs and international and criminal justice degrees.

He complimented Benson and the university saying he was glad his first trip to the United States was in Cedar City and at SUU, "A university with a high standard of education."

"We are interested to know how America solves issues of kidnapping, drug trafficking and human trafficking, and these things, so we can learn from each other, and with this newfound knowledge, benefit the future of our country," said Zabroda via an interpreter, Galina Espinoza.

"With American and Ukraine students learning from each other, there can be an exchange of influence and experience that positively and effectively deals with international crime and violation of human rights."

Though the memo was geared toward a partnership where SUU and Ukraine students apply their studies in real world settings, the event also reflected a budding friendship. Gifts were exchanged and photographs taken with handshakes and smiles.

"Cedar City has a beautiful nature and friendly people," Zabroda said via Espinoza. "It has a strong heritage, and the high level of education quality at SUU offers us a good opportunity of learning to take with us to the Ukraine."

Source: The Spectrum