Russian Communists Look To Ukraine

MOSCOW, Russia -- Russian communists are contemplating a trip to Kiev to soothe the wounds of slighted war veterans, after violence on Victory Day marred proceedings and incurred Russian wrath.

The communists said they may lay a wreath in Lvov, where things turned ugly on May 9, when flags were desecrated and veterans were attacked by Ukrainian nationalists.

The Russian government called the incident an “outrage” and demanded that Ukraine get its house in order.

A new leaf

The ceremony, planned for June 22, would be held in cooperation with the Ukrainian Communist Party.

“We are currently holding talks about this event with parties around the world,” a party spokesman told RIA Novosti. “We plan for a compact but high-ranking delegation to come to Lvov.”

The Ukrainian Communist Party said at a news conference on Sunday that it would do anything it can to defend history.

“The events of May 9 revealed that growing fascism in our society has moved from talk to action,” Ukrainian Communist Party leader Peter Simonyenko said.

“I think it is important not just to speak with sympathy about what happened, but to fight against this evil.”

Soviet oppressors

Ukrainian nationalists in Lvov, western Ukraine, clashed with police during this year’s May 9 ceremony commemorating victory for the allies, including the Soviet Union, in World War II.

The incident occurred as about 100 people, among them World War II veterans, gathered for a ceremony at the Hill of Glory memorial in Lvov together with members of the Russian Unity and Motherland parties, Interfax’s Ukraine service reported.

They protestors attacked veterans, tore and burnt Soviet flags and stamped on a wreath for war victims.

Ukrainian nationalists regard the actions of the USSR as oppressive and anti-Ukrainian.

Many in Ukraine and other parts of the former Soviet Union consider the losses inflicted on their countries by Soviet leader Josef Stalin’s purges as painful as the losses of the war, which saw 23 million Soviet dead.

Victory Day is still a major event on the Russian calendar, largely because of the scale of the losses suffered by the USSR

Western money

But the unrest was the work of western meddling and many of those of the trouble makers had been paid to be there, railed Anatoly Mogilyev, Ukraine’s interior minister.

“Some of the forces at work here were paid. You can’t think that however many thousands of people at Lvov came just because of an idea,” he said, RIA Novosti reported.

Svoboda (Freedom), the Ukrainian nationalist party that has been blamed for what happened at Lvov, could be banned, Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said on Ukrainian national television.

On Sunday the Svoboda told RIA Novosti that two of its senior members had been arrested in connection with last week’s disruptions.

Source: The Moscow News


Dmytro said…
You should be well aware, that truth without all the fact from all sides is not truth. Half truth is a lie.

In your story from Lviv, many of the significant details are missing. And these are details, that change the whole story.

You mention, that around 100 people were attacked in Lviv, but you fail to mention, that these were not Lviv locals. Most of those visitors were not at all WWII veterans, they are 1970-1980's born.

You don't tell your readers, that provocative visit of Russian ultra-nationalists was organized by Russian parties from Odesa and Sevastopol.

You do not mention that Russian Unity and Motherland are considered by many in Ukraine as Russian neo-nazi parties, and many believe they are funded by Russian government.

You don't tell, that these pro-Russian and pro-Soviet rallies were banned by Lviv court on demand of Svoboda party, but nevertheless Ukrainian police protected them, as this was Svoboda who is not obeying court order, not otherwise.

Finally, you don't tell that that was Russian nationalist, who fired a gun at Ukrainian. Not otherwise.

If you had listed all these facts, you should get to conclusion, that it was not veterans vs Ukrainian nationalist fight, but Russian nationalists vs Ukrainian nationalists fight, which was sponsored and provoked by Russian ultras.

I wish you analyze more news sources, when you write your reports. Don't rely solely on RIA, then your reports can become valuable and less biased.