Russia Considers Unilateral Review Of Gas Contracts With Ukraine Unacceptable

MOSCOW, Russia -- Russia considers unilateral review of its gas contracts with Ukraine unacceptable.

Russian President Medvedev

This is stated in the transcript of a working meeting between Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Alexey Miller, the chairman of the Gazprom gas company (Russia).

"We must respect the agreements that were concluded. This also applies to the Russian Federation and Gazprom. It also applies to our Ukrainian partners. Any calls for some sort of unilateral measures and reviews should be imposed on the ‘fabric’ of agreement and not otherwise," said Medvedev.

Miller said that he exchanged views on the trends developing on the gas market during a meeting with President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

"On the part of Gazprom, it was stated that the current contract is based strictly on the market price formula," he said.

He informed the President of Russia that possible new forms of cooperation that could lift Ukrainian-Russian cooperation to a new level were discussed during the meeting.

Medvedev stressed that Ukraine to Russia is not an unfamiliar, distant partner but a very close, brotherly country that presently has many economic problems and he added that he has an agreement with Yanukovych to consider the possibility of employing advanced forms of cooperation, including cooperation in the gas industry.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the gas contract that was signed in 2009 provides for the possibility of its termination through the Stockholm arbitration panel.

Source: Ukrainian News