Radio Liberty: Amnesty International Notes Worsening Of Human Rights Situation In Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- The observance of human rights has deteriorated significantly in Ukraine, according to a report released by international human rights watchdog Amnesty International on Friday, Radio Liberty has reported.

A monitoring conducted by the organization points to an increase in the number of allegations of torture and ill treatment in police custody, restrictions on the freedom of speech and assembly, as well as mass manifestations of xenophobia.

According to the report, the restriction of freedom of expression was reported in 2010 in 89 states, cases of torture observed in 98, and unfair trials in 54 countries.

Amnesty International's representative in Ukraine Tetiana Mazur said that unfortunately Ukraine was in each of these lists.

"Ukraine is first mentioned in the general press release of the report. Our volunteer observers noted the deterioration of the situation with the observance of fundamental human rights. The number of allegations of torture in police, pre-trial detention centers and prisons increased last year. Here we can note the recent case of the beating of prisoners in the Vinnytsia pre-trial detention center. We have three cases of human rights defenders being prosecuted. One of them, Andriy Bondarenko, was sent by a court to undergo psychiatric examination for his 'excessive awareness of his own rights and militant insistence in defending them,'" Mazur said.

She also recalled the case where the non-observance of human rights ended in tragedy.

She said that a refugee from Abkhazia, Tamaz Kardava, died after being beaten and becasue he was not given proper medical attention in prison.

Source: Interfax