Parliamentary Gagging Order Ukrainian Style: Speaker Grabs His Deputy In Death Grip During Debate Row

KIEV, Ukraine -- Politics can be a stressful business. But thankfully British politicians have always showed a little more restraint than this hot-tempered official in Ukraine.

Death grip: Adam Martynyuk grabs his deputy, Oleg Lyashko, in a death grip in front of stunned politicians in the Ukrainian parliament

Vice speaker of the Ukrainian parliament Adam Martynyuk was recorded on camera as he grabbed a colleague by the throat and slammed him into the ground with a 'death grip' wrestling move.

Martynyuk had been presiding over a legislative session in a chamber of the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev when tempers flared.

The usually dull proceedings were disrupted when Martynyuk's deputy Oleg Lyashko asked to make a speech but was refused. He then reportedly called Martynyuk a 'Pharisee'.

Martynyuk leapt to his feet and lunged at his deputy.

In what appears to be an expert self-defence move, the speaker pinched the deputy's throat in a 'death grip' while jamming two fingers into his temple.

He then overpowers the man who is thrown to the ground after toppling over a wooden stand.

But still visibly irritated, Lyashko gets up from the floor and the pair square up and push each other.

A number of other politicians who had been sitting in the session quickly rushed over to calm the pair, before Lyashko storms away.

Incredibly, he returns a short time later to give his speech, directing much of his anger at the Vice speaker, who can't resist a chuckle to himself.

The clip has become an internet sensation with thousands of people poking fun at the two officials.

One viewer wrote: 'It's a shame, I'm Ukrainian, but it's not my problem that I was born in the country with this government.'

Another added: 'I love how they try to restrain the guy that got choked, not the one that choked him.'

One stated: 'It's so funny how the other guy laughs later in the video'.

The antics of the Ukranian politicians make even the most heated of discussions at the Houses of Commons in Westminster look sedate.

Perhaps the closest example of dissent was the furore over gagging orders.

In the House of Lords last week Lord Stoneham, acting on behalf of his fellow Liberal Democrat peer Lord Oakeshott, revealed that Sir Fred Goodwin had a gagging order to prevent the disclosure of an affair with a colleague.

Source: Mail Online