Parliamentary Assembly Of Euronest Established Without Belarus

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Inter-parliamentary assembly Euronest was set up in Brussels. Boris Tarasyuk from "Eastern Partnership" (Ukraine) and Christian Vigenin from the European Parliament became co-presidents.

Boris Tarasyuk

The Constituent Assembly meeting was held on Tuesday, May 3, in Brussels with the participation of delegations of all Euronest member-countries except Belarus.

It was stressed in the speeches of the participants that such situation is temporary, and depends on the democratic processes in Belarus.

The meeting participants voted for a constitutive act of the Parliamentary Assembly, adjusted for Kiev suggestions.

In particular, the head of the Ukrainian delegation Borys Tarasyuk noted in his speech that the European Parliament had taken into consideration a proposal to consolidate the future membership of "Eastern Partnership" countries in Article 1.

"The act establishes the Parliamentary Assembly Euronest as a parliamentary institution of the European partnership between the EU and Eastern European partners, which in principle can be applied to Article 49 of the EC Treaty," stated in the document.

In addition, it was also accounted for the principle of differentiation, proposed by Ukraine.

Source: Telegraf