Conflict With Investigator, Flight Risk Behind Ex-Minister Lutsenko's Arrest, Says Prosecutor General

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine's Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka has said that the reason for the arrest of former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko was his conflict with the investigator and the information that he may abscond during the investigation.

Former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko and wife.

During a show on Inter TV Channel on Friday Pshonka was asked why the former interior minister was arrested and put in custody.

The prosecutor said: "Lutsenko gave a written pledge not to leave the country - and suddenly Lutsenko starts behaving strangely: he has a conflict with the investigator, saying rude things, threatening."

Pshonka showed photocopies of subpoenas, on which Lutsenko wrote unprintable replies to the investigator and the phrase "I refuse to come before Yuschenko submits his blood [samples for tests]."

"Ignoring the summons to an investigator, and there were other circumstances that showed that he wanted to escape the investigation," the prosecutor said explaining the causes for putting Lutsenko under arrest.

As reported, Lutsenko has been held in jail since December 26, 2010.

He has been charged under Part 5, Article 191 (large-scale embezzlement of state property through the abuse of office, under a preliminary collusion by a group of individuals), Part 3, Article 365 (abuse of office, which led to grave consequences), and Part 3, Article 364 (the abuse of power and office by a law enforcer, which caused damage to citizens' rights as protected by the law) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Source: Interfax