Ukraine Prosecutor Office May Terminate Yushchenko Poisoning Case

KIEV, Ukraine -- The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office may terminate the investigation into the poisoning case of the former Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko over his unwillingness to cooperate with the investigation, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka said live on the Ukrainian television channel Inter on Sunday.

Viktor Yushchenko

“Yushchenko is a dishonest injured party. He should be interested in an unbiased investigation, but unfortunately this does not happen so,” the general prosecutor said.

He noted that the former president evades the investigation actions and expertises offered to him.

The former Ukrainian president earlier noted that he is ready to pass his blood test for an international expertise under his poisoning case only if the Prosecutor General’s Office explains why the law enforcement agency is not satisfied with the results of the previous international expertise.

At the previous week First Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin stated that the Yushchenko poisoning case lacks the evidence that dioxin was found in his blood.

“The investigation may be terminated if the former president does not take a blood test,” Kuzmin noted.

“I do not state that the poisoning did not take place. I state that the case lacks the evidence of this poisoning. If he does not take a blood test we will terminate this case with all the circumstances,” Kuzmin pointed out.

He affirms that employees of the presidential secretariat, the prosecutor’s office and the state guard department destroyed Yushchenko’s blood samples after the blood test on November 24, 2005.

“Instead of examining the blood tests brought back by the foreign experts and comparing them with the blood sample of the president they destroyed them for some vague reasons,” Kuzmin pointed out.

On September 5, 2004, Yushchenko met with the top officials in the Ukrainian Security Council as a presidential candidate.

After that he was feeling bad and was hospitalized in Vienna on September 10.

The doctors stated that he was poisoned with dioxin and the poison got in the blood of the patient about five days before the hospitalization.

The injured party refused repeated blood tests.