Ukraine Paper Dismisses Israeli Claims On Abducted Palestinian

KIEV, Ukraine -- Israeli claims a Palestinian engineer abducted by secret agents to answer charges he is a top Hamas missile technician are riddled with factual errors, a leading Ukrainian newspaper reported on Friday.

Dirar Abu Sisi

Security officers seized Dirar Abu Sisi, a resident of the Gaza Strip, from a train traveling from the Ukrainian city Kharkiv to the capital Kiev in February. He was later transported secretly to Israel.

Abu Sisi on Monday was arraigned in a Beersheba District Court and charged with nine criminal counts, including membership of a terrorist organization, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder and production of weaponry.

He was a key figure in the campaign by the organization Hamas to bombard Israel with rockets, and had received training in missile engineering from a top Ukrainian aerospace institute, according to the Israeli charges.

Ukraine's largest newspaper Segodnya on Friday published an article checking the allegations made against Abu Sisi in the Beersheeba court.

Almost every detail of Abu Sisi's education in Ukraine as alleged by Israeli prosecutors is demonstrably wrong, the newspaper reported.

Abu Sisi never studied at the Military Engineering Academy in Kharkiv, the newspaper found. An Israeli Justice Ministry statement said Abu Sisi received his doctorate there, and was taught by a leading Soviet missile scientist.

Abu Sisi's education in Kharkiv was limited to post-graduate study in 1995 in the Academy of City Management, where he received training in the operation of municipal power plants, the article said.

The Palestinian obtained his doctoral degree, also in electric power engineering, from an institute in Zaporizhia specializing in civil engineering.

The Zaporizhia institute, located 240 kilometres south of Kharkiv, has never performed aerospace training of any kind, the newspaper said.

The Ukrainian newspaper published a copy of a diploma seeming to show Abu Sisi graduated from the Zaporizhia Technical Institute.

The Segodnya article said no professor named Konstantin Petrovich had ever taught at the Kharkiv Military Institute, as alleged by the Israeli government.

The newspaper identified Poltava professor Konstantin Petrovich Vlasov a probably the Abu Sisi educator meant by the Israeli prosecutors, and suggested possible Israeli secret service was simply confused as to Vlasov's actual last name.

Vlasov spent his entire career in Zaporizhia teaching electric power engineering, never worked in Kharkiv and never was a missile technologies specialist, the article said.

Israeli claims the Palestinian Abu Sisi received missile engineering training in Ukraine are also difficult to credit, Segodnya reported, as missile engineering is a field of study open only to Ukrainian nationals with a government security clearance.

Abu Sisi's abduction to and trial in Israel has drawn substantial attention in Ukraine. Abu Sisi's wife and six children are Ukrainian nationals.

An opposition member of parliament on Monday alleged Ukrainian police used force to pull Abu Sisi from the train, and handed him over to Israeli police representatives at Kiev's Boryspil airport.

Ukrainian government spokesmen have denied they or their officers had anything to do with Abu Sisi's disappearance, and hinted Israeli secret agents performed the snatch.

Hamas officials have confirmed Abu Sisi was a top engineer at the Gaza Strip power plant, but have repeatedly denied Israeli claims he was a member of their organization.

Source: DPA


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