Ukraine Marines To Evacuate 200 Civilians From Libya

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian marines in the Libyan port of Tripoli were Monday preparing to evacuate some 200 civilians to a warship, in the former Soviet republic's first major naval operation in a conflict zone, the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Port Tripoli

The amphibious landing ship Konstantyn Ushansky tied up at a Tripoli port overnight and was scheduled to depart by early evening, according to the ministry.

A total of 129 Ukrainian nationals and 81 people from other countries were planning to leave Libya aboard the vessel to a Mediterranean port.

In late March sent two cargo aircraft to Libya to deliver humanitarian aid and assist in the evacuation of civilians.

A total of 827 Ukrainian nationals have left Libya by various means since the start of unrest in the country, according to the foreign ministry.

Source: DPA