Ukraine's Membership In EU To Strengthen Union's Competitiveness, Says Ukrainian Foreign Minister

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine's membership in the European Union (EU) would strengthen the union's competitiveness, according to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kostiantyn Hryschenko.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kostiantyn Hryschenko.

"We're presenting a principal position that Ukraine with a free trade zone [with the EU] and as a future full member of the European Union is one of the factors than would strengthen the competitiveness of the union," the minister said in an interview with the Fifth TV Channel late on Sunday.

Analyzing the talks on the creation of a free trade zone with the European Union, Hryschenko said that they require large efforts and the issue of agriculture is the most complicated issue in the talks.

"Our partners in the European Union say that the share of trade with Ukraine for the European Union is around 1%, while it is larger for us – over 30%, so we have a certain misbalance between what we can gain and what could change the situation for the European Union as a whole," he said.

Source: Interfax


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Anonymous said…
Yes, and than Ukraine will take over the world. The rubbish Ukrainian politicians are saying never cases to amaze me. Ukraine is a rich country but will is needed to explore and tap into that wealth. For the time being there is no will as there are other sources of income and therfore necessity. So speaking of competitivenss Ukraine is many years behind most of the worls in terms of technology and efficency. In that case it can only be competitive by receiving subsadies to its production. The question is whether taxpayers want to pay for this.