Ukraine Feminist Group Protests 'Mail-Order Bride' Tourism With Topless Rally

KIEV, Ukraine -- A group of topless women's rights activists, partially clad in wedding gowns and veils, are protesting sex and marriage tourism by foreigners in Ukraine.

Nine scantily clad women bared their breasts in the freezing cold outside Kiev's central marriage registration facility on Tuesday.

They condemned a New Zealand radio station that sponsored a trip to Ukraine for a listener to find a mail-order bride.

The women held posters reading "Ukraine is not a brothel."

The group, Femen, says local women should not be auctioned off like animals.

Femen's leader Anna Hutsol says "Ukrainian women are not a commodity."

The radio station, The Rock FM, could not be immediately reached for comment.

Source: The Canadian Press


Sam Whitlock said…
Nice way for Protest, i like it. I don't understand why these women are worrying about another girls who CHOOSE another way for happiness. It's not their business i think. Every people could choose what he wants. They need to visit some of Ukrainian bride agencies, for example and ask these girls for motives.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Of course I can understand their anger cuz indeed, there is a stereotype that girls from Ukraine are looking for the old man to earn a lot of money after their death. I can say that it is not true. For example, I am looking for a bride through this agency and I am not old, I dont have a lot of money. I think this is just a stereotype.