Platini Regrets Giving Ukraine Euro 2012

WARSAW, Poland -- Michel Platini, president of UEFA, has told French media that the decision to award Ukraine and Poland the Euro 2012 football championship will worry him until the final whistler is blown in the final match in June next year.

Michel Platini

"But what else can we do? We gave it to [Ukraine]. It was perhaps an error to have given it to them, but we gave it to them,” said Platini who will be elected for another term as president of the European football governing body tomorrow.

“That’s what we decided so now we must face the challenge. But we’re suffering a lot. We know that if suffering starts at the very beginning it will continue till the end of championships,” said Platini.

UEFA has criticised Ukraine, particularly, for its lack of progress in preparing stadia and infrastructure to hold the football championships.

Though worried about the preparations, Platini, added: “But everything will be all right and people who go to Ukraine for the championships will have fun.

Contrary to 2010 World Cup in South Africa, it will be nice and hot. So everyone can expect great holiday,” assured the legendary former French international. (mg)

Source: AFP