Israel Has Palestinian Who Vanished In Ukraine: Report

JERUSALEM, Israel -- Israeli authorities confirmed Sunday that a Palestinian engineer, who mysteriously vanished February 19 from the Ukraine, is detained in Israel, according to media reports citing a court decision.

Dirar Abu Sisi

A court in Petah Tikva partially lifted a gag order on the affair in confirming that the engineer, Dirar Abu Sisi, an alleged Hamas member and director of a power station in Gaza, was held "for questioning" in Israel.

But the court kept a ban on publishing information on the circumstances and reasons of Sisi's arrest for an additional 30 days, Israeli media reported.

Ukraine said Wednesday it had so far received no response from Israel concerning the mysterious disappearance in Ukraine of the engineer that his family blamed on Israel's Mossad secret service.

Abu Sisi, 42, and a father of six, disappeared from a train while travelling between Kiev and the eastern city of Kharkiv on the night of February 18-19.

The engineer's wife Veronika said she had been told by train attendants that her husband had been taken away by two men posing as officers of the Ukrainian secret service,

He is being held at Shikma prison in Ashkelon, according to a Ukrainian delegate at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees cited by Israeli media.

Hamas condemned the abduction and demanded the engineer's release.

"This kidnapping violates international law and Ukraine's sovereignty. It is further proof of the contempt of the (Israeli) occupation for the international community," spokesman Sami Abu Zohi told AFP.

Source: AFP