Hamas Slams Palestinian's Kidnap In Ukraine

GAZA CITY, Palestinian Authority -- Hamas condemned on Friday the abduction of a Palestinian engineer in the Ukraine, which his family blamed on the Israeli secret service, the Mossad, and demanded his release.

Dirar Abu Sisi's sister claims that Mossad abducted him without reason.

"This kidnapping violates international law and Ukraine's sovereignty. It is further proof of the contempt of the (Israeli) occupation for the international community," spokesman Sami Abu Zohi told AFP.

Hamas, the Islamist movement that rules the Gaza Strip, demanded the immediate release of Dirar Abu Sisi, 42, and called on the Ukraine to "take responsibility for a crime committed in its territory".

The Israeli justice system has imposed a gag order on information connected to the disappearance of Abu Sisi, an alleged Hamas member and director of a power station in Gaza.

A court in Petah Tikva upheld a ban on publishing any information from Israel about the mysterious disappearance of Abu Sisi on February 19.

The tribunal rejected an appeal to remove the gag order by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, but permitted publication of information already circulated abroad.

On Thursday, the Ukranian interior ministry said it had received a request from Abu Sisi's wife "to establish the whereabouts of her husband who disappeared in unknown circumstances," spokesman Sergiy Burlakov said.

He told AFP that Abu Sisi was reported to have disappeared on a train between Kiev and the northern city of Kharkiv and that his wife said he could be in Israel.

The engineer's sister, Sozan, told AFP her brother had "traveled to Ukraine to obtain Ukranian nationality" and accused Mossad of abducting him without reason.

He is being held at Shikma prison in Ashkelon, according to a Ukranian delegate at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees cited by Israeli media.

The Israeli press has said Ukranian security services may have collaborated in the kidnapping.

Source: AFP