Biden Thanks Yanukovych For Evacuation Of U.S. Citizens From Libya

KIEV, Ukraine -- U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden has thanked Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych for Ukraine's assistance in the evacuation of U.S. citizens from Libya, the press service of the Ukrainian head of state has reported.

U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden

In a phone conversation on March 2, the sides also discussed the fulfillment of mutual commitments in the sphere of nuclear security.

"Ukraine is ready to conduct further work to remove all stocks of highly enriched uranium before a nuclear security summit in 2012," Yanukovych said.

The sides appreciated the outcome of the third session of the U.S.-Ukraine Strategic Partnership Commission, which was held in Washington on February 15, 2011.

Speaking about the development of democracy in Ukraine, Yanukovych said that he highly appreciated the efforts taken by the United States to promote democracy in the world and its attention being paid to the development of democratic institutions in Ukraine.

"We remain open to the constructive dialog on the strengthening of democracy and the rule of law, as well as the implementation of relevant reforms," Yanukovych said.

The parties also discussed the improvement of criminal justice and electoral legislation in Ukraine in order to strengthen civil society.

Yanukovych and Biden also discussed preparations for a summit dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Chornobyl tragedy. Biden said that the United States would be represented at a high level at the summit.

"Ukraine, together with the international community, is currently actively preparing for the summit and a scientific conference. Our initiative was supported by most countries and international organizations," Yanukovych said.

The sides also spoke about the improvement of the business climate in Ukraine and the creation of better conditions for attracting foreign direct investment.

"Ukraine is currently introducing a number of important reforms that should thoroughly modernize the country," Yanukovych said.

Source: Interfax