Baby Traffickers Caught Trying To Smuggle Girls Over The Border From Ukraine To Hungary

KIEV, Ukraine -- The French parents were trying to sneak the twins out of Ukraine into Hungary because, they said, France refused to issue the children passports, as it does not recognise surrogacy.

This shocking picture show twin surrogate girls hidden under a mattress in a van, as their “parents” tried to smuggle them out of the country.

The mother said: “We are not child traffickers, we are their parents. We tried to cross the border out of despair and love for our little girls.”

Ukrainian border guards took the pictures on Monday and a criminal investigation into illegal transportation of minors abroad has been launched while the babies, named Vicky and Kim, have been taken to hospital.

The French couple, held in Ukraine, visited the girls on Wednesday and the mother said: “I want to write to all the countries in the world and ask them to give my girls any passport just so that I can take them with me.”

Parents adopting surrogate children face legal hurdles in European countries that do not recognise such arrangements.

A gay Belgian couple waited more than two years to be reunited with their son – born to a mother in Ukraine – after Belgium initially refused to issue him a passport.

They also unsuccessfully tried to smuggle the boy out of the country by car.

Source: Mirror UK


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