Azarov: Successful Reforms Impossible Without Women

KIEV, Ukraine -- Prime Minister Mykola Azarov believes successful implementation of reforms in Ukraine is impossible without participation of women.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov

This is stated in his greetings on the occasion of the International Women's Day - March 8.

"I am sure we cannot secure efficient implementation of radical economic and political reforms, revival and spirituality of our people, strengthening of moral foundations in the society and preservation of the best traits of the national character without your assistance in dealing with pressing issues," the greeting says.

The image of mother symbolizes embodiment of moral qualities and noble deeds, teaches respect for the native language and folk customs, traditions, holidays, and national shrines, Azarov emphasizes.

A woman plays a vital role in the society. She is a caring and devoted mother, a tender and loving wife, a conscientious worker and a responsible manager.

"Awareness of high identities of women, respect for her has always been inherent to the Ukrainian people. The image of woman holds a special place in folklore; she is sung in ballads and songs with incomparable tenderness," according to the prime minister.

Azarov wishes women good health, prosperity, great personal happiness, attention and love of dearest and nearest.

"We are making our obeisance to and expressing gratitude for your mother's deed and work, selflessness and prudence, understanding and support, love and tenderness," the prime minister noted.

Azarov also wishes the Ukrainian women that all their dreams will come true and they will always be loved and happy.

As Ukrainian News reported, there are no women in the current composition of the Cabinet of Ministers.

In October 2010 Azarov predicted that women would fill posts in the Ukrainian government.

Source: Ukrainian News


Anonymous said…
Wait. Correct me if I am wrong. Isn't it him who told some time ago that politics is to serious for woman to partake ? Shisofrenia was her name.