UEFA Announces Ticket Prices For EURO 2012

KIEV, Ukraine -- UEFA has announced the prices of tickets for the final tournament of the UEFA EURO 2012 European Football Championship to be held in Ukraine and Poland from June 8 to July 1, 2012. Prices will vary from EUR 30 to EUR 600.

According to the Ukraine 2012 Information Center, the purchasing power of local citizens has been taken into account when deciding on prices, and the cheapest tickets will cost 50% less than at UEFA EURO 2008 in Austria/Switzerland.

Furthermore, tickets for the final in category 3 will cost EUR 50 only.

The ticketing prices for all games in the competition in the three available categories are as follows - opening match: Category 1 - EUR 250, Category 2 - EUR 140, Category 3 - EUR 45, group matches: Category 1 - EUR 120, Category 2 - EUR 70, Category 3 - EUR 30, quarter-finals: Category 1 - EUR 150, Category 2 - EUR 80, Category 3 - EUR 40, semi-finals: Category 1 - EUR 270, Category 2 - EUR 150, Category 3 - EUR 45, final: Category 1 EUR 600, Category 2 - EUR 330, Category 3 - EUR 50.

All prices are subject to an additional administrative fee to cover handling and secure courier delivery.

Residents of Poland and Ukraine will also be able to pay in their local currency, either via credit card or by domestic bank transfer, whereas international applicants will need to pay via credit card and in euros.

There are several types of tickets available: individual match tickets, venue series group or knockout, and follow my team group or knockout.

Ukraine's national football team will play group stage matches in Kyiv and Donetsk.

Source: BSANNA News