Yanukovych: Ukraine Will Restore Its Combat Capability

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine should create new national armed forces, President Viktor Yanukovych said on Saturday at a grand meeting on the occasion of Ukrainian Unity Day.

Ukraine Army Maj. Evgen Piven disarms Ukrainian Army Pvt. Mikhail Moroz during a martial arts demonstration.

"Our task is to create new national armed forces practically, as they say, from scratch," the presidential press service quoted him as saying.

Yanukovych said that the state would worry about military security, raising the social status of servicemen, reviving morale, forming a qualitatively new army structure, modernizing weapons and adapting a military doctrine to the challenges of the modern world.

"We will strengthen the power of our defense potential. We will resume investment in the development of the scientific, technological and personnel component of the military and industrial complex," the president said.

Source: Sinoptik