Tarasiuk: Compensation For Russian Fleet's Presence In Ukraine Used To Support Russian Humanitarian And Social Policies

KIEV, Ukraine -- The compensation, which Russia pays Sevastopol for the stationing of its Black Sea Fleet on Ukrainian territory, is used to support Russian humanitarian and social policies, the leader of the Popular Movement of Ukraine (Rukh), Borys Tarasiuk, has said.

Borys Tarasiuk

"In 2010, I made a deputy request to the Foreign Ministry with respect to the spending of funds received as compensation for the stationing of the Russian Black Sea Fleet on Ukrainian territory. It turned out that Russia, under the guise of compensation, is actually strengthening its own positions in the city," he said.

In particular, according to information received in response from the Foreign Ministry, the funds were spent on the functioning of the branch of Moscow State University in Sevastopol and four branches of other Russian universities, the construction of a Russian-language school and Russian-language kindergartens, residential houses for the Russian fleet's sailors, the maintenance of the Black Sea Fleet Museum, Lavrenev Theater, as well as the reconstruction of the fleet officers house, the sailors' club, and the sunken ships monument, he said.

"Now it's obvious how UAH 25.8 million allocated to Sevastopol by the Russian side was spent last year. Even if a full amount of UAH 38 million were allocated, we understand how these funds would have been spent," Tarasiuk said.

Source: Sinoptik