Patriarch Filaret: Government Intends To Liquidate Ukrainian Orthodox Church Of Kiev Patriarchate Before June

LVIV, Ukraine -- Patriarch Filaret of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate said the government wants to liquidate the church before June.

Patriarch Filaret

He announced this in an interview with the Ekspress newspaper in Lviv.

'They want to liquidate the Kiev Patriarchate before the summer... In all regions of Ukraine representatives of the government or priests of the Moscow Patriarchate hold talks with our priests. They are invited to come to the subordination of the Moscow Patriarchate for different kinds of support and help," said Filaret.

Patriarch Filaret noted that the talks with priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate are underway in all regions of Ukraine from Donetsk region to Lviv region.

"In Vinnytsia region priests were invited to district state administrations and there they receive ultimatums," he said.

Patriarch Filaret said such cases were in Kiev region and other regions also. According to him, such negotiations were held with 70% of priests in Donetsk region.

"Illegal takeovers of our churches commenced... And the government is always on the side of the Russian church," said Patriarch Filaret.

He voiced confidence that the cases are a part of one plan, as the events are similar throughout the country.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Patriarch Filaret said the position of the Russian government is to hinder the creation of a united local Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

Source: Ukrainian News


mwoerl said…
Philaret Denisenko is no Patriarch-a defrocked KGB agent, looking for greener grass in a false position in a false church ...
james said…
Michael,You don't know what you're talking about.
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