Experts Say Ukraine’s International Image Deteriorated In 2010

KIEV, Ukraine -- Experts believe that Ukraine ’s international image deteriorated in 2010. The experts were speaking during a videoconference entitled «Ukraine-Germany: Image of Ukraine in 2010-2011» at the press center of the Ukrainian News information agency.

Thomas Achelis, a German expert on public relations.

According to Denys Bohush, a specialist on strategic communications and public relations in politics and business, Ukraine ’s image in the world largely deteriorated in 2010 based on most indicators.

«The image of Ukraine is not improving but deteriorating,» Bohush said.

In particular, according to Bohush, Ukraine ’s indicators such as number of tourists, volume of investments, and number of emigrants are deteriorating.

Bohush said that a poll conducted by his agency, Bohush Communications, indicated that Ukraine had the image of a little-known country with little influence that is searching for its place in the world; a country in crisis, politically unstable, environmentally dangerous as a result of the Chornobyl nuclear catastrophe; a country with inefficient government and corruption in all agencies of government.

In addition, according to Bohush, Ukraine has the image of a country with beautiful women and cheap prostitutes.

According to him, the insufficient level of investments in Ukraine is the most painful issue for modern Ukraine and foreign investors are not even coming to Ukraine to invest in projects involving the preparation for the 2012 European football championships.

At the same time, Bohush said Ukraine has significant prospects for development.

Thomas Achelis, a German expert on public relations who has developed strategies for improving the image of many European and Asian countries, also said that Ukraine ’s image in the world is quite negative.

According to Achelis, the main reason for low investment in Ukraine is that international organizations are observing an increase in corruption as a result of a lack of political will to combat it.

According to him, this is resulting in a lack of confidence, which is a key issue for investors.

Achelis stressed the importance of successful organization of the 2012 European football championships to the image of Ukraine .

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, experts are forecasting that Ukraine ’s international image could deteriorate further as a result of the Czech Republic’s decision to grant political asylum to former economy minister Bohdan Danylyshyn.

Source: The Financial