Topless Protest Against Putin's Ukraine Visit

KIEV, Ukraine -- Activists from Ukraine's women's rights group FEMEN went topless in Kiev on Wednesday in protest against visit by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

FEMEN protesting Putin visit to Ukraine.

"Ukraine knows why he visits, he wants to tear away pieces from Ukraine. We won't let him do this. The entire Ukraine will not allow that. And we simply reflect the opinion of the whole of Ukraine," one of the topless activists, Alexandra Shevchenko, said.

Putin is visiting Ukraine to discuss economic cooperation.

The group is infamous for its topless activism.

In March its activists went topless outside the Cabinet Ministers' office to protest the formation of an exclusively male cabinet in Ukraine''s new government.

Source: AP


Richard said…
[quote]The group is infamous for its topless activism.
[/quote]I would say rather famous and we need more women like that and that form of activism.