SES ASTRA Launches Broadband Satellite Internet In Ukraine

ODESSA, Ukraine -- The leading direct satellite broadcasting company SES ASTRA, a part of the SES Group, announced that it had signed a distribution agreement with Direct Connect on providing access to broadband satellite Internet ASTRA2Connect on the Ukrainian market.

As the company’s press release states, with this agreement SES ASTRA has added one more country to its list, and is now providing its services in 19 European countries.

The company Direct Connect is located in Odessa; it is a part of the Swiss-American consortium.

“The agreement with Direct Connect is an important step in expanding the geography of ASTRA2Connect services,” the vice president and acting director general of ASTRA Broadband Services Patrick Biewer said.

“Ukraine is a promising market for satellite communications, including satellite broadband networks. We believe that our entry on the Ukrainian market will have very positive results.”

According to the press release, already in September 2010 Direct Connect will provide ASTRA2Connect to private and corporate users in Ukraine’s biggest agglomerations, and it will gradually expand that territory making them accessible throughout the country by the end of 2011.

Source: The Day Weekly Digest