Yushchenko Relative Gets Four Years In Jail

KIEV, Ukraine -- The Pechersk district court in Kiev convicted Olena Honchar, 39, sister of Yushchenko’s former son-in-law, of killing a 25-year old woman in a road accident and sentenced her to 4 years in jail.

Ex-president Viktor Yushchenko

This is the first time in Ukraine when a person with links to the higher levels of society will do a prison term. “Because the sentence is not a suspended one, this is a unique case,” Ukraine media comment.

June 30, 2009, Olena Honchar while driving a Toyota jeep collided with a Mercedes and a Tavria when she entered the incoming lane, killing Alina Askarova, 25, who was driving the Tavria.

According to the police, Honchar was driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Honchar’s lawyer tried to put the blame for the woman’s death on doctors, accusing them of criminal negligence and saying the police mishandled the breathalyzer test.

However, the police investigation proved that the woman died in a road accident.

Several days after the funeral, Askarova’s family received a call from Honchar’s brother and Yushchenko’s former son-in-law.

The family was offered $10,000 dollars in compensation, but the offer was rejected and a law suit for murder was filed.

Source: ZIK


Richard said…
Alcohol related accidents always a tragedy.
Is this a harsh penalty in Ukraine?