Ukraine Journos Threaten Strike

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine journalists warned Sunday of strike action over work conditions, complaining of a deterioration in press freedom in the past six months under President Viktor Yanukovych.

Ukrainian authorities "pretend officially to support press freedom but in truth they ignore the problems, professional rights and claims of journalists," the press freedom group "Stop the Censorship" said in a statement.

The journalists published their warning amid fears that the pro-opposition and pro-western television channels TVi, 5 Kanal and Tchornomorska were to be closed down. On Saturday the three channels had organised a symbolic one-hour strike.

"The number of issues where journalists are prevented from working, the number of censorship cases and the pressure on journalists... is increasing constantly," the movement said.

On Monday the tribunal in Kiev will begin hearings to rule on whether the channels TVi and Kanal 5 had legally obtained their licenses.

On August 10, the Vienna-based International Press Institute appealed in an open letter to the Ukrainian president to respect press freedom, concerned by the rise in attacks on journalists being reported and "a climate of impunity."

The European Union, the US embassy in Kiev and the Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe have all also expressed concern about the current media environment.

Source: AFP


wesley rodgers said…



Freedom of expression for and by the people will prevail!!

It is an utter disgrace that Ukraine media is being curtailed by any administration let alone the Yanukovich administration.!

What is the problem?>?..Does he own a chain of Dairy Queens in Belarus or something?

One of the major elements which put Ukraine on the map was its freedom of expression and you could even call it a new born " age of rennaissance" and Yuschenko and Yanukovich were both benefactors of the freedom of expression.
Also am international journalist and loved Ukraine and KYIV and my fellow journalistic friends at the
KYIV POST and INTER TV NEWS especially Andriy Tsapliyenko asnd Brian Bonner.

The current Ukraine government is digging a ditch for itself and government officials are slowly sinking into the quicksand of hypoprocicy.
Yanukovich is shooting himself in the foot and he will find out one day when he goes to put his shoes on.
Personally,the man has done some good things for Ukraine really and especially economically and has shown some leadership but curbing the media is biting the very hand that fed him...NO GRATITUDE!!

And when he said he did not think Ukranians should not speak Ukraine was he crazy??

The country is Ukrainde!!..Kind of like Barack Obama in my country U.S.A. and Obama trying to control the news media and not much time for Christians...SORRY but it is true and Obama was born in Kenya not the United States and it has been proven on record even by the Kenyan Parliament.
UKRAINE is the best of friends for the U.S. and I am sorry the U.S. president has not done much for Ukraine lately and France and German kePt them out of NATO...Well..Germany is a two time loser and not a lot to offer Europe
these days and France they have contributed some things but they are just very provincial....France is the world to themselves.

Ukranians speak Ukraine and Russian and that is a lot more than the Russians do.!!
If Yanukovich ran for office in Russia what do you think the people would have said if he said don't speak Russian.....Speak Mongolian.!!
For a native born Ukranian Yanukovich shows a deep lack of respect for Ukraine culture and that is an insult to the Ukraine people and there is where he is playing with fire and his own destinty and also some of Russias.!!
When you try to curb and strike down freedom of expression in a country you tear into the hearts and soul of the thoughts,feelings and desires of the people of that country.....BIG MISTAKE for Yanukovich and he has a chance to become a great president for Ukraine.,.BUT he has INSULTED the culture of the people of Ukraine and this is a disgrace not just for Ukraine but for Europe.

All Ukraine and international reporters and journalists unite and let the Ukraine government know it is not their country but the freedom of expression that of Ukraine people.
Wes Rodgers