Three Ukraine TV Channels Go On Strike

KIEV, Ukraine -- Aug. 14, opposition channels 5 Kanal, TBi and Chornomorska (Odessa) went off the air from 19.00 through 20.00 in protest against the attempts to gag the media by the new Ukrainian regime, Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

In a joint statement, the three channels want to draw attention of the public to encroachments on the freedom of expression and democracy in Ukraine.

“In the past several months we have been witness to targeted attempts by the new Ukrainian regime to destroy the freedom of speech and independent media, as well as to monopolize the information space,” the statement disseminated by the TBi press service runs.

Numerous facts have surfaced, indicating the onslaught on the freedoms and liberties of individuals and attempts to establish a totalitarian rule in political and social system of Ukraine, the journalists stress.

By going on strike and switching off our transmitters, we would like to show to Ukrainians how the country’s television space would look like in the near future if we let the regime gain its victory, the statement continues.

Aug. 16, the Kiev Appellate Court will consider a lawsuit filed by TV companies owned by SBU (formerly known as the KGB) head and Supreme Council of Justice member Valery Khoroshkovsky which is expected to take away licenses from opposition channels 5 Kanal, TBi and 14 other broadcasters.

At 19.00 on Saturday, 5 Kanal, TBi and Chornomorsky stopped their broadcasts, with the inscription “This is a warning strike of 3 channels to defend the freedom of expression in Ukraine” written in Ukrainian and English.

Source: ZIK