No Hope For National Team - Ukraine Coach

KIEV, Ukraine -- The outgoing coach of Ukraine's national football team sharply criticised the side's chances in Euro 2012, saying he saw "no hope" for the side, according to Tuesday news reports.

Ukraine coach Myron Markevych

"Believe me, when I decided to quit, I knew what I was doing," Ukraine coach Myron Markevych told BBC's Ukraine-language radio.

"I do not see a future for Ukraine's national team." Markevych cited interference in the day-to-day affairs of the side by senior officials in the Federation of Football of Ukraine (FFU) as the main reason for his lack of confidence.

"The person who follows me in this job will continue our work, and perhaps he will have some success," Markevych said. "But only if he is not interfered with. And I don't believe that will happen."

It was the harshest public criticism yet by Markevych, one of Ukrainian football's longest-serving coaches, of the FFU management.

Ukraine reached the quarter-finals at the 2006 World Cup, but since then failed to qualify for Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup.

The team is, however, guaranteed a spot in Euro 2012, as co-host along with Poland.

"In two years the best teams in Europe will travel here, and Ukraine must show a worthy side for Euro 2012," Markevych said.

"But a foreign (national team coach) would go crazy working here." Markevych, 56, quit the national side on Saturday, four months after having taken on the team. He cited alleged bias by FFU officials against Metalist Kharkiv and in favour of Dynamo Kiev, Ukraine's best-known club.

The FFU last week penalised Metalist nine points in league standings for fixing the result of a 2008 club match. The reduction moved Dynamo ahead of Metalist into fourth place, and into striking range of a lucrative Champions' League slot.

The penalty all but ended Metalist's chances to qualify for either Champions' League or Europa League participation in 2011.

Markevych, Metalist's coach since 2005, has repeatedly alleged the boss of FFU, Ukrainian industrial tycoon Hryhory Surkis, is responsible for the FFU decision.

Surkis has owned Dynamo Kiev since 1993, and headed the FFU since 2000.

Surkis, by midday Tuesday, had not responded publicly to Markevych's latest allegations. In past comments, Surkis has denied his FFU management was in favour of Dynamo.

Source: AFP