Miss Universe's Miss Ukraine Supports Full-Body Scanners At Airports

LAS VEGAS, USA -- During yesterday evening's Miss Universe pageant two big things went down. One was the crowning of Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete, as the winner, only the second time in history for Mexico to take the title.

The second notable thing came dural the "Final Question" period, when Miss Ukraine was asked about her stance on full-body scanners in airports.

Miss Ukraine, 23-year-old Anna Poslavskaya answered this question put to her by judge Jane Seymour: ""Many airports are using full-body scanners. How do you feel about going through a scanner that can actually see through your clothes?"

Poslayskaya replied (through an interpreter) that she supports full-body scanners in the name of security: "I think it's a very important question of security...if that helps us to save the lives of people, then I'm for it."

The answer helped Miss Ukraine place as the third runner-up in the pageant, but what we'd now like to know is if she also supports full-body scanning for people with less than a pageant-ready body.

Source: Jaunted