Israeli Suspected Of Running Ukraine Organ Trafficking Ring

TEL AVIV, Israel -- An Israeli man was arrested Friday for allegedly running an organ trafficking network in Ukraine, Army Radio reported.

According to Army Radio, the ring recruited potential kidney donors online, paying $10,000 per kidney, before sending the organs to Israel.

The Israeli, whose name was not revealed, was arrested by Ukrainian police along with 12 other people.

According to the report, the network operated for over three years and recruited donors via the internet. Most of the donors were young women who agreed to sell a kidney for $10,000.

The organs were then allegedly transferred to Israelis in need of a kidney transplant, which cost over $200,000, said the head of the Ukrainian organization for combating human trafficking during a press conference following the arrests.

Ukrainian police estimated that the network made a gross sum of $40 million.

The facility in which the alleged operations for extracting the kidneys took place denied the allegations.

Source: Haaretz


piroshok said…
Yeah! That is the purpose of the recent visa free agreement.One wonders how did these organs got through very tight Israeli customs undetected for three years? One wonders.
Let the Jews come in and out freely.Were is Borat when one needs him!