Ukraine Church Hit By Explosion

ZAPORIZHYA, Ukraine -- Nine people have been injured in an explosion at an Orthodox Christian church in southern Ukraine, reports say.

An official said the blast in the city of Zaporizhya was believed to have been from a homemade explosive device.

At least one person is said to have been seriously injured.

It comes on the day that Ukraine celebrates the anniversary of its adoption of Christianity, which occurred in the year 988.

Security forces said it also took place during a controversial visit to the country by Russia's Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I, seen by critics as a slight to the country's sovereignty.

"It was a homemade bomb," Ukrainian security services spokeswoman, Marina Ostapenko, said.

A spokesman for the regional interior ministry, Olexandre Volkodav, said a team of investigators was at the scene.

He added that one woman had suffered severe leg wounds.

Source: BBC News