Ukraine Honours Memory Of Victims Of Political Reprisals

KIEV, Ukraine -- On Sunday, Ukraine honoured the memory of victims of political reprisals. In this connection, events were staged in all big cities of the country.

“This Sunday is a mournful day for Ukraine,” said President Viktor Yanukovich in is address to citizens.

“We honour the memory of millions of our compatriots who fell victims of the totalitarian regime. We remember everyone who was destroyed by the punitive system, was a GULAG inmate, was deprived of his family home and deported to rigorous regions,” he noted.

According to the president, “Ukraine suffered heavy losses in the 1930s-1940s of the 20th century.

“The Stalinist oppressive machine exterminated all who tried to oppose it. Anybody could fall a victim: a peasant, intellectual, teacher, engineer, worker or a scientist,” the head of state emphasised.