Ukraine Ends Counterintelligence Work On Russian FSB Officials - Newspaper

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukrainian counterintelligence services have stopped monitoring Russian Security Service (FSB) officials stationed in Ukraine, a Ukrainian weekly paper said on Saturday.

Relations between Russia and Ukraine have dramatically improved since President Viktor Yanukovych was elected in February on a platform to roll back the pro-Western policies of his predecessor, Viktor Yushchenko, and heal damaged ties with Moscow.

"As a gesture of goodwill and to demonstrate new policies, the counterintelligence department ended all work on Russian security services in Ukraine," Zerkalo Nedeli said.

The Ukrainian security services have so far not made an official comment on this report.

A cooperation agreement was signed by the heads of the Ukrainian and Russian Security Services on May 19.

The agreement includes a decision to return Russian security service officials to Crimea, where Russia has a naval base. The Russian security services were ordered to leave the territory at the end of 2009.

Source: RIA Novosti


wesley rodgers said…


It is well understood that the
FSB and SBU have stopped checking one another and if nothing else this is good for
the humanity of the people of Ukraine and Russia.
But at the end of the day this is all so bizarre.
Declaration of independence was
declared in 1991 and that is when Russia should have realized a lot of people--millions were very
unhaappy and dissgusted.
Can you blame them.
There was the KGB and other agencies, people could not worship
freedom of the media or press was
extremely curtailed and peoples
lives were in severe danger
all because Russia did not want
peoeple to have,true,real freedom of life such as living their persosnal lives,worshipping in churches, and many other basic precepts of life.
So, the fact that the FSB and SBU have decided to not monitor themselves is rather inconsequential and by now after all these years I don't even think
Ukraine and Russian people care because they look at it for whatit is.

CONTROL-CONTROL-CONTROL and a game which has done little to enhance their lives on planet earth.
Perhaps years ago these agencies served a worhwhile purpose and now that they are not going to monitor may be good but most people don't put much credence in this.
Ukraine and Russian people want to move on but some old line politicians refuse to do that
and they are accomplishing nothing.

NOW, the year is 2010
in churches and many,many other
civil liberties were infringed upon and deprived by Russian and
Ukraine people.
YES, It iss good that Russia and Ukraine are making major efforts to be friends and coexist but underneath the surface any Ukraine people, even many who love
Russi have not forgotten the strength of the sycle and haammer of the old regime.
Also, Ukraine and Russia really need to realize that western powers and the U.S. are not out to get them or do harm.

There are philosophical differences
but that is where it ends.
The U.S. has greatly helped Ukraine even it it had some agenda to want Ukraine to work with the West.
WHAT is the big deal---It's all about power and although Russia ia a great country and the U.S. works closely with Russia why does not Russia back of and let Ukraine and its people breathe.

The West has done nothing to hurt Ukraine or Russia although there have been differnces with Russia.

I think it iss time at this point in history for all parties involved to say it is time to shake hands and recover and be friends.
The West has been good to the Ukraine and shown NO hostility at all and what wll it accomplish..
Ukraine epeple, especially after the ORANGE REVOLUTION were seeking something new and that did not happen because old harddliners--Bolsheviks just could not stand the fact that people wanted a better relationship with the West also and still wanted to maiantain cocntacts with Russia and eastern Europe but Russia could not accept this...RUSSIA ALWAYS WANTS TO BE NUMBER ONE!!

So, now after almost twenty years not a real lot has changed and the current Presidxent Victor Yaanukovich should realize he could be doing alot of diplomatic
agreements with the U.S.-NATO and other countriesas well.

The world is still rather big and other countries definitely have alot to offer Ukraine.
Let us hope that Ukraine government and Russia will come to their senses.
West and East have cocmmon interests for the better of humanity and ther are other evil forces,such as terrorism which can plaigue both paarts of this very troubled world.
WES RODGERS newsmaan 007