Ukraine Demands Local TV For Local People

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine’s Anna Herman, presidential administration, wants to see more Ukrainians on the country’s TV screens – in order to end her compatriot’s “imperial complex”.

Savik Shuster

She has called for Ukraine’s top shows to be hosted by Ukrainians, and singled out Savik Shuster’s popular political talk show.

Shuster, who has dual Canadian-Italian citizenship, was a star of Russian TV before moving to Kiev and upsetting Herman, Ukrainskaya Pravda reported.

“We have a hundred Saviks in Ukraine,” she complained. “I would like it if such popular shows were presented by Ukrainian journalists. There are a lot of interesting journalists in Ukraine who know how to do it.”

Ukrainians have not grown out of the “imperial complex”, which Herman characterised as “Everything coming out of Moscow is good, and everything of ours is bad.” She said that this was not acceptable.

As well as Shuster, Yevgeny Kisselev, another famous journalist from Russian TV, presents a similar show “Big politics”. These two programmes are among the most popular on Ukrainian TV.

Source: The Moscow Times