UEFA President Questions Ukraine's Readiness For Euro 2012

ATLANTA, USA -- UEFA President Michel Platini casts further doubts on Ukraine’s ability to host the 2012 European Championships, saying that Hungary or Germany could be asked to provide venues.

UEFA President Michel Platini

"Of course we are watching very carefully what's happening in Ukraine, but we still have some time. But it's also clear that something has to happen in the next few weeks," Platini said in an interview with the German Federation website.

Platini reiterated a previous pledge that there would be no plan B, but insisted that this wouldn’t mean that UEFA “couldn’t react” if Ukraine was hampered by further delays to stadium and infrastructure preparation.

Since being awarded the tournament as co-hosts with Poland in 2007, Ukraine’s preparations have been mired by continual delays and missed deadlines. These have been further hindered by political disarray and economic crisis.

"If logistic problems persist in Ukraine, then we will find another way. The executive committee will then meet and make a decision.

"An option could be to have six venues in Poland. Maybe UEFA could also ask Hungary or Germany if they could or would want to jump in with two stadiums.

“But I'd like to stress once again: at the moment we are not thinking about it. We believe Ukraine will complete all the necessary work on time and that the European championship will take place as planned."

Source: World Football Insider