Russian Naval Bases Likely In Ukraine

MOSCOW, Russia -- Russia plans to open naval bases in Ukraine in response to NATO's eastward expansion, military sources have said.

Russian Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov

Ukraine may agree to the re-opening of a Soviet-era submarine base in the Crimea and the establishment of three naval bases on Black Sea coast, said the Nezavisimaya Gazeta quoting Russian military sources.

“The planned expansion of the Black Sea Fleet is Russia's response to the NATO expansion to the East,” said Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, former Black Sea Fleet Commander, referring to the establishment of NATO bases in Romania and Bulgaria, both Black Sea coastal states.

Following the extension last month of the Russian lease of the Black Sea naval base at Sevastopol in Ukraine's Crimea till the year 2042, Moscow is drawing up plans for the modernisation of the Sevastopol base and the opening of new military facilities in the Crimea, said the Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is expected to sign a package of agreements on upgrading the Sevastopol base when he pays an official visit to Ukraine next week.

According to the paper, Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin discussed with his Ukrainian counterpart Nikolai Azarov last week the return of Russian submarines to the former Soviet secret base dug deep into a cliff at Balaklava near Sevastopol.

Russia also eyes opening naval bases in the Ukrainian ports of Nikolayev and Odessa, as well as in the Danube river delta, which Ukraine shares with Romania, said the paper.

Russian-Ukrainian relations have dramatically improved after pro-Western President Viktor Yushchenko, who had led the 2004 “orange revolution” was ousted in presidential elections earlier this year.

Source: The Hindu


wesley rodgers said…

Russia regaining military presence lost during Soviet ERA~!!

Vladimir Putin said as early as 2007 that Russian planes were taking to the sky again after pilots and Russian aircraft had been grounded for years.

The same held true with other military hardware and military
personnel including its once
powerful submarine fleet.

Most military strategists will tell you that on excercise missions Russian aircraft and submarines transmit signals to lock in coordinates and other relevant intel information.
This has been especially true in the past couple years when Russian patrol missions were intercepted by NORAD F-16 jets along the eastern seaboard of the U.S. and off the Alaskan coastline.
NORAD ofcourse is the North American Aerospace Defense Command based in Colorado Springs.

One of the exercises on those patrol missions along the U.S. and Canadian coast was to check U.S. and Canadian radar as to how it could respond to Russias new RS 24 missle system and it is quite possible some of the Russian nuclear warheads can be deployed from Russian subs.

NORAD has had to track
and scramble jets often since 2007 as Russia does not file flight plans and thus NORAD has had to scramble jets to check for any hostile intent.
And, for the first time in recorded history RUSSIA actuallly contacted the U.S. F.A.A. and filed a flight plan in July of 2008.
....The submarine location in the Crimea is a very strategic and once an elite location for many of Russias top submarines.

This is ofcourse all part of PUTINS
game plan to re-establish Russian military presence in its sphere of influence during Soviet Union days which Putin misses.

Actually I can't blame him as worldwide threats of terrorism and other geopolitical developments almost dicctate upgrades in air and seapower again.
And,one of the main men to help organize this game plan has been Sergei Ivanov, former Russian Federation Defense Minister and whom as a reporter I covered his presence and addresss at the NATO 2003 NATO Defense Ministers conference in Colorado Springs,Colorado.

Ivanov, a very intelligent and well organized man stated at that conference also that Russia would be prepared and would be capable of employing conventional
military power when and if needed but did say Russia would
hesitate using nuclear force only as a severe last resort.

Now Ivanov serves as the go between for Medvedev and Putin asw First Deputy Prime Minister and was well educated at Leningrad State University and other schooling as he is fluent in English and Swedish and
a strong intelligence background.
I mention this because his advisement is greatly helping Putin and Russia re-organize its military structure.
This actually is all well and good in todays world.
Like it or not when THE COLD WAR was on the world was a safer place with the U.S. and RUSSIA having their guards up.
Neither was ever attacked.
And,how timely with ratification of the START TREATY pending just weeks or months away.
A strong RUSSIA and U.S. makes for a safer world.
Wes Rodgers newsman007