Russia And Ukraine: Take-Over Or Business Merger?

MOSCOW, Ukraine -- Russian and Ukrainian analysts were astonished last Friday at Vladimir Putin’s proposal of merging energy giants Gazprom (Russia) and Naftogaz (Ukraine).

Is Putin (L) planning to bring Ukraine into the Russian Federation?

In light of the recent agreement between the two countries to allow Russia’s Black Sea Fleet into Crimea for the next 32 years, Ukrainian opposition leaders declared their fear of the “destruction of Ukraine”.

There is nothing to suggest that Russia has an elusive and elaborate plan to take over Ukraine and annex it to become part of the Russian Federation, as some have unrealistically suspected.

It is more reasonable to believe that Russia sees an opportunity to gain an important regional ally back into its sphere of influence while building up the economy of a vital economic partner.

Russian authorities perfectly understand that a stable, economically viable, friendly and happy Ukraine will yield an array of benefits for Russia.

Russia sees an opportunity in power politics and is taking it.

Source: Bellum


wesley rodgers said…

Ukraine people concerned about
sovereign rights!!

Ukraine President Victor Yanukovich
has shown he does not procrastinate,!

He makes quick decisions and
some have been good for Ukraine.

But many in the EUROPEAN community
and worldwide are somewhat concerned as major,long lasting
decisions may have unfavorable
ramifications in ever changing
geopolitical world.

Let us ask,just why did Ukraine declare independence from Soviet Union??
Victor Yuschenko was voted in
by the Orange Revolution by
people because they wanted
stronger connection with all of
Europe and the world and still
maintain relations with Russia.

Yuschenkos victory was for what
Ukraine voters wanted and not
necessarily for Yuschenko.!!

Whatever has been accomplished or not since the Ukraine breakaway
from the Sovidet Union in 1991 there have been some major
positive accomplishments.

President Yanukovich has formed
stronger relations with Russia
but possibly with a risk of
denying better relations with
other friendly powers.

In an ever changing geopolitical world ramifications can be
First,Yanukovich displayed a
posiitive visit with E.U. leaders,then at the nuclear
summit in the U.S.!!

Next, he visited Russia and
solidfied old cultural ties with
ever changing Russian Federation.
But,then his administration decided to disband the freedom of
speach and expression committee which also monitors Ukraine
media expression for people.

Not good, as Ukraine has one of the best media markets
of any country worldwide.
Tremendous and creative
journalists who have helped put
Ukraine on the world map as
a positive,changing country
but one which can
analyze itself.

Yanukovich had also stated he prefers Ukraine people speak
only Russian rather than
native Ukraine.

This was a slap on the face for Ukraine culture.
Latest decision to extend the lease of Russian naval fleet at
Sevastapol until 2042.!!

A bit too much and why
that long an agreement as
European diplomacy and military
developments could cause a long
term agreement like that to
backfire despite the economic
victory it has brought to
Ukraines struggling economy.

But such major changes so quickly, and then the recent
outbreak brawl at the Verkhovna
Rada on ratification vote of
Russian-Ukraine lease agreement
sent strong message to Ukraine people and other countries
not everything is so happy
and together in Ukraine.

President Yanukovich may do best by not moving so quickly as his perception by other diplomats
and world leaders can cause

Also,there are other countries
who would like to work with
Ukraine also but are insecure
with many hasty decisions,good or bad,especially when dealing with the country Ukraine broke aweay from.
Mr. President,slow down,as
the world is watching.
First impressions last a
Long live Ukraine freedom.
Wes Rodgers-Newsman007
Mapika said…

Read this and educate yourself. How you can honestly think no one is thinking of a takeover is a real mystery