Media Freedom Watchdog To Screen Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine -- According to Elsa Vidal, head of EU’s bureau of the Reporters Without Borders, a RWB delegation is to visit Ukraine to examine the freedom of the press situation, UNIAN reports, citing Radio France.

“We would like to meet with various journalists representing state-owned and commercial outlets as well as members of the Union of Journalists and politicians,” Ms Vidal said.

As soon as we garner sufficient information, we will publish our report on how the freedom of expression is observed in Ukraine, the RWB official stressed.

After Viktor Yanukovych’s election as president, Vidal continued, RWB observed that the situation in Ukraine had deteriorated regarding the freedom of expression.

This was manifested in attacks on journalists and their arrests.

We have received several complaints from Ukrainian journalists of editing by the secret service.

“Journalists in Ukraine fear to speak or write about certain topics and criticize Pres Yanukovych,” Elsa Vidal stressed.

Source: ZIK