Ukraine, Russia Open ‘New Page’

MOSCOW, Russia -- Ukraine’s new president Viktor Yanukovych vowed Friday to end years of acrimony with Russia, as he paid his first visit to Moscow since taking office last week.

President Medvedev and his Ukrainian counterpart Yanukovych meet with officials in the Kremlin in Moscow.

“This five-year period has given us the opportunity to open a new page in our relations,” Yanukovych said, referring to his five-year term, following talks with his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev.

Medvedev said Moscow and Kiev would work to resolve irritants that had accumulated under Yanukovych’s predecessor, Viktor Yushchenko, who angered Russia by seeking to bring Ukraine into the NATO military alliance.

“There are many questions that have been frozen recently in our relations. We have decided to reanimate them,” said Medvedev, seated alongside Yanukovych at a press conference.

Medvedev singled out the hot-button issues of Russian gas exports to Ukraine and the future of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet as subjects for discussion.

The Black Sea Fleet is based in Ukraine’s port of Sevastopol under a lease that expires in 2017 and that the Kremlin is keen to extend. Yanukovych indicated he was open to compromise with Russia on the fleet’s future.

“I think that very soon we will have an answer to this question that will satisfy both Ukraine and Russia,” Yanukovych said. His predecessor, Yushchenko, had insisted the fleet should leave in 2017.

Yanukovych reiterated earlier promises that Ukraine would be “a European, non-aligned state” on his watch — a sign he does not intend to push for NATO membership.

Yanukovych later met Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who urged the visiting president to bring Ukraine into a Moscow-backed customs union comprising Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Source: The St. Petersburg Times


wesley rodgers said…
It is good to see that RUSSIA and UKRAINE will be working together,like this should be something new.!

About twenty years behind schedule.!!

BUT Ukraine is a very peacfeul and strong nation and I can just say it would be nice if Mr. Yanukovich would remind his Russian neighhbor that if Russia is on the side of Ukraine..PLEASE don't aim live ICBM missles at ukraine amymore just because they want to make their own decisions.
That is a step away from declaring war--not peace.

The year is 2010 and Georgia was attacked by Russia rather ruthlessly and this does have impact on Ukraine decisions.
Georgia is a strong ally inherently of Ukraine.
ARMED MISSLES and aiming guns and then saying we want peace and to work together somehow is a dichotomy of composition.

..My native country the U.S.A should also now be working more with Russia as times and idealogy has changed....but assasination attempts and intermidating your GOOD and peacefull neighbors sends unending and lasting impressions.
..For now I wish Yanukovich the best for RUSSO Ukraine affairs.
As for the E.U. it is time for them to get off their rear end and TRULY start doing and stop talking and help make NATO morer funcational as there does need to be a solidifying force in eastern Europe done properly!..But the E.U. weants all the benefits but has made itself a demilitarized zone and subject for hostile intent.
Best defense is a good OFFENSE and Vladimir Putin will be the first to admit that.!

..TALK IS CHEAP in todays world of diplomacy and the U.S should have spent more time assissting Ukraine,one of its best allies and especially against the worldwide threat of terror.
The E.U.needs to wake up and not live off other countries who put themseleves in harms way such as Ukraine and I specifically mention Turkey and Germany and several other E..U. countries who are not putting into the system.

Is Yanukovich the best!
For now, he is trying and I give him credit for that and may accomplish some good but next election you will prorbably see a change and all those other western Euroepan countries should get off Ukraines case otherwise Ukraine can turn the off oil and gas off permantly as far as I am concertend.
The Ukraine has been caught in the middle so unfairly too many times and a lot has to do with the fact that they were--repeat WERE a part of the old Soviet Union.
They are now UKRAINE and they derserve all the respect they have earned.
RESPECTFULLY..Wes Rodgers The Philadelphia BULLETIN
P.S. Nicholas has done agreat job with this siter and deserves much credit and more readsers should be wrriting...the articles here are great..THANK YOU NICHOLAS and UKRAINE PLUS GROUP.