Three Factions In Ukraine's Parliament Decide To Create New Ruling Coalition

KIEV, Ukraine -- Three factions in Ukraine's Parliament, the Regions Party, the Communist Party and the Lytvyn' s blok, decided to create a new ruling coalition along with some individual lawmakers, said a leader of the Regions Party on Wednesday.

Oleksandr Lavrinovych

"The Regions Party, the Communist Party and the Lytvyn's blok have made the decision to form a new ruling coalition together with some individual deputies," first vice-speaker Oleksandr Lavrinovych said in an interview with a local television channel.

He said that a list of Ukrainian MPs joining in the new coalition and a coalition agreement will be published in the coming days.

"We have not received a decision on joining the coalition from the fourth faction, the Our Ukraine - People's Self-Defense," he said.

Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych signed a law that allows individual deputies to join a parliamentary ruling coalition on Wednesday.

Yanukovych signed the law after meeting with the leaders of parliamentary factions, the president's press service said.

"We need to create a majority in Ukrainian parliament. The Ukrainian community and our partners around the world expect political stability in our country," Yanukovych said while addressing the leaders of factions.

Yanukovych stressed the importance of forming a parliamentary majority and an effective government as soon as possible.

Ukraine's parliament passed the amendment to rules on forming a ruling coalition on Tuesday with 235 supporting votes in the 450- seat assembly.

Under previous rules, deputies could only join a coalition if a majority of their party voted to join as a whole faction.

The change should allow Yanukovych's party to secure the parliamentary majority it needs to form a new government, allowing it to move more swiftly to tackle Ukraine's deep economic problems.

Last week, Ukraine's parliament passed a non-confidence vote against the government led by Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

According to the constitution, Ukraine's political leaders have 30 days to form a new coalition. If they fail, Yanukovych can exercise his right to dissolve the parliament and call early legislative elections.

Source: Xinhua