What Does Ukraine Await In The Yanukovich Period?

KIEV, Ukraine -- It is unquestionable that Viktor Yanukovich’s period in Ukraine will be difficult from Viktor Yushchenko's. To begin with there will be a different foreign policy. Ukraine's ship will be turned to Moscow, and Ukraine must expect unprecedented concessions in the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Viktor Yanukovych with Russia's Vladimir Putin (L) in a file photo. For sure, the Kremlin will once again have its own man, in Kiev.

It is 100 percent sure that Medvedev and Putin will pay a visit to Kiev, although they have not visited the country since the “Orange Revolution”. Yanukovich will acquire Russia as a reliable ally in the international arena.

Business structures which are close to Yanukovich will also be given advantages.

Ukrainian political experts consider that during the privatisation of JSC Ukrtelecom, the factories in Odessa and other similar attractive State enterprises (which must be sold because an economic crisis is underway in Ukraine) milliners from Yanukovich’s home region of Donetsk will be given priority.

Yanukovich will most likely not hand Ukraine’s gas transit system to Russia or that the contract with the Russian Navy in the Crimea, which expires in 2017, will be extended indefinitely.

However during Yanukovich’s rule the Russian language will be more privileged and the Ukraine language oppressed.

It is unquestionable that Yanukovich’s party will put the issue of making the Russian language a state language on the agenda of Parliament, although it is possible that each individual district will be granted the right to determine which language will be in official their territories.

Every Southeastern district and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea are ready to adopt Russian as the language of administration and government.

All previous regulations about the use of the Ukrainian language will remain the same, but with the tacit agreement of the Government education in the Russian language will be reinstated.

The translation of Russian films, soap operas and advertisements will be stopped.

The regions of Ukraine will have to forget about celebrating the historic victories of the Ukrainian people over Russia, such as UNA-UNSO, Konopoti Bita and Kruti days.

Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich, who were declared Ukrainian Heroes during Yushchenko’s period, may have these titles stripped from them.

It is possible that the celebration of the day of victory over Fascism in 1945 will be restored to its former glory, with parades, salutes and the paying of respects to veterans.

Kiev does not expect to turn away from the West, but Yanukovich is opposed to entering NATO. Probably the Party of the Regions will try to establish Ukraine as a neutral state by altering the Constitution, and thus close the issue of NATO for a long time.

The West is bored with the rivalry between the members of the Orange political elite, who could not negotiate with The Kremlin, and as result, the EU has to predict before New Year comes: "will we have gas or not?"

Europe expects that Yanukovich will settle all the issues about gas transportation (it is natural that Brussels is not interested in whether the Ukrainian people suffer or not) and is ready to cooperate with him.

Not wishing to spoil relations with West despite not seeking to strengthen them, Yanukovich will not recognise South Ossetia and Abkhazia. He will only do this if it is very profitable for Kiev or Kiev will be in a hopeless situation.

However it is unquestionable that the friendship between Tbilisi and Kiev is over.

Yanukovich will not support Saakashvili in a war with Russia. It is possible that Ukraine will stop supplying weapons to Georgia, though under Yushchenko it did so at prices unprofitable for Ukraine. It will either sell weapons to Georgia at market prices from now on or not at all.

Source: The Georgian Times