Ukraine Court Suspends Election Results

KIEV, Ukraine -- A Ukraine court in Kiev suspended last week's presidential election results Wednesday to allow for investigation into the prime minister's allegations of fraud.

The fiery Yulia Tymoshenko cannot stand to be in second place.

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko filed a lawsuit Tuesday with the Higher Administrative Court to demand a repeat vote of the second round of the presidential elections, which she lost to incumbent President Viktor Yanukovych by a 48.95 percent to 45.47 percent margin.

The court said it would examine evidence Tymoshenko submitted that alleges more than 1 million votes were stolen from her, the Ukraine News Agency reported.

In a speech Saturday after the Central Election Commission revealed the results, Tymoshenko said she had no choice but to appeal.

"Not going to the courts today would mean leaving Ukraine to the criminals," she said,

Earlier in the week, Yanukovych's Moscow-leaning Party of Regions said he would be inaugurated Feb. 25, leading to speculation the court will rule on the results' validity before then, the report said.

Source: UPI