Russia, Ukraine To Make Up For Lost Time -- Kremlin Aide

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ukraine’s new authorities and the Russian government are full of resolve to make up for the time that has been lost in terms of bilateral relations, Sergei Naryshkin, the chief of the Kremlin Administration staff said Saturday.

Russia's Sergei Naryshkin

He had a meeting in Kiev with the leader of the Regions Party, Viktor Yanukovich, who won in the runoff presidential election February 7.

“I had a long and detailed meeting with Viktor Fyodorovich [Yanukovych] today,” Naryshkin said. “First of all, I conveyed to him the whole-hearted greetings from President Dmitry Medvedev in connection with the very successful election campaign.”

“Then we had a very detailed conversation on a very broad spectrum of bilateral cooperation issues between our countries, and especially in the economy,” he said.

“It’s clear that much has been lost over the past several years,” Naryshkin said.

“Our two countries have the resolve to make up for the things lost and to use the reserves in the field of economic, humanitarian and political cooperation,” he said.