Obama Congratulates Ukraine Pres-Elect

WASHINGTON, DC -- President Barack Obama has called Ukraine's pro-Russian opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych to congratulate him on winning the country's presidential election.

US President Barack Obama

But Obama's call Thursday comes as Ukraine's embattled Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko ignores calls to concede defeat in the election and resign her post.

The final preliminary vote count in Sunday's election indicates Yanukovych defeated Tymoshenko by a margin of 3.4 percentage points.

The White House says that Obama wished Yanukovych success and commended the Ukrainian people on the conduct of the vote.

Source: AP


wesley rodgers said…
As a concerned friend ,journalist and a man who deeply respects the many good things the Ukraine has done I need to make a few comments on behalf of the recent "congratulations" by U.S. President BARACK OBAMA TO THE NEW President Elect Yanukovich.!
...FIRST..His comments are very few and way too late.
..When the Ukraine was being threatened by Russia just because it wanted to be a member of NATO why did he not stand by for all the decent fighting Ukraine soldiers who fought in the war on terror and to help the United States.1..No he was negoitiating with Russia and although that may have been part of his job....he should have been more firm like Vladimir Putin.

..We are talking LIVE ARMED ICBM missles here and then there was the invasion of Georgia.
..Once again,whatever political implications you attach to this it was an ATTACK on a basically peaceful country and friend of Ukraine.
..So finally Obama says congratulations to President elect Uanukovich, a very convicted two time felon and I do not know the overall circumstances and maybe he got a bad deal.

BUT at the end of the day the Ukraine will be very alligned with Russia again and neither THE E.U. snobs who refused to allow UKRAINE and its talented people to join their country club, and many are also NATO members and this was a great injustice to Ukraine.

The Ukraine has offered its soldiers,blood,talent and kindness to Americans,especially in helping in the war on terror--which is a worldwide threat and in other ways...UKRAINE IS A CIVILIZED Nation nothing like Iraq ans Afghanistan...!!
..Is GERMANY fighting and helping and is Turkey and some other members--NO-NO-NO!..So if they do not perform they should be kicked out.
Didn't Germany want to take over the world a couple times??? Including Ukraine??
As for RUSSIA well a great country but with recent Aggression who needs the Russian mafia.
..Obama and the U.S. are so concerned after years in Iraq and Afghanistan that they lost sight of a decent--hard working civilization of people--no suicide bombers..no major poppy fields and selling drugs but perhaps dying from some of those drugs as are some Russians and the U.S could have and should have blown up the poppy fields but it is a different world now....BUT, as for this journalist I don't forget who my friends and alalies are and those who are loyal..MY PARENTS RAISED MKE WELL!!..ASSOCIATE WITH DECENT PEOPLE!
When Yuscehnko was almost assasinated no one said " go get em Victor and sorry about the assasination or way to go..SO somehow either I am crazy or see the picture the correct way!

..IF Obama and his administration plans on dealing with Russia he better take a few courses on European and RUSSO-UKRAINE diplomacy because it can be very Interesting but it is not Disneyworld.. and rather complex!

..The people in both countries have lived it and been thru too much....Hoping nothing but the best for Ukraine and that the election problem can be worked out and peace prevail,Sincerely Wes Rodgers American journalist and former resident of KYIV....
Let's hopem for the best!!
PATRIOTSTV.COM..As always my heart goes out to the people of UKRAINE!!