Mila Kunis' Family Moved To Escape Jewish Persecution

LOS ANGELES, USA -- Mila Kunis’ parents told her they were moving “down the street” when they fled the Soviet Union for America.

Mila Kunis

The actress was eight years old when her mother and father told her and her brother to pack their belongings.

The children were told they were relocating to a new home metres away, but soon found themselves in Los Angeles, California.

Today, Mila barely remembers her first home in Chernivsti, in what is now Ukraine.

“I was told we were moving down the street,” Mila said. “We didn’t move down the street. I don’t remember much.”

Mila’s family moved to escape Jewish persecution in the former Soviet Union.

Mila is now 26 and a successful film star.

She is currently playing a rape victim in post-apocalypse thriller Book of Eli, which stars Denzel Washington.

Source: MusicRooms