Hrytsenko Calls Yushchenko Cheapskate And Miser

KIEV, Ukraine -- Ex-presidential candidate Anatoly Hrytsenko called immoral former Pres Yushchenko’s plans to retain his state-owned residence in Kyiv’s elite area. Hrytsenko was commenting on Yushchenko’s hints made during his final press conference, Ukrayinska Pravda reports Feb. 18.

Anatoly Hrytsenko

“Such plans look weird against the backdrop of Yushchenko moralizing and selling himself as an opponent of exorbitant perks enjoyed by high-ranking officials, Hrytsenko said.

“In fact, Yushchenko proved to be the same miser, having built a small village for himself in Bezradychi and acquired many hectares of suburban land,” the lawmaker added. Yushchenko has a number of residences all over Ukraine. There is no law allowing ex-presidents to keep state-owned property, he went on.

“Abusing his office, Yushchenko signed classified documents giving away state property to high-ranking officials, notably, to Volodymyr Lytvyn in 2006,” Hrytsenko continued.

Compared to meager pensions of tens of millions of Ukrainians, Ukraine retired high-ranking officials get lavish pensions, 50% cuts on their utilities bills, lifetime drivers, cars, guards and maids, says Hrytsenko.

Yushchenko who tried to sell himself as an advocate of European values, have, in fact, acted like a miser who espouses Asian and African values of past centuries, Hrytsenko charged.

Ukrainians should not tolerate the fact that Pres Yushchenko, in addition to the property acquired during his watch, still clings to the state-owned residence, same as president-elect Yanukovych, when premier, snatched for himself another state-owned residence.

Source: ZIK