Half Naked Women Protest Ukrainian Election

KIEV, Ukraine -- Several young topless women barged into a Ukrainian polling station, rowdily protesting before a candidate cast his ballot.

Femen protesters are lobbying 'the end of democracy' in Ukraine.

The women, members of a small feminist group called Femen known for staging eye-catching protests, were hustled out of the Kiev polling station by security guards before Viktor Yanukovich showed up to vote.

"Enough raping our democracy!'' shouted the protesters, who held signs with slogans such as "Help! Rape!'' and wore nothing except for jeans and strips of green electrical tape over their nipples.

The women told reporters they were protesting "the end of democracy'' in Ukraine and not specifically against Yanukovich or in favour of his rival, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

The two candidates fought a bitter election campaign and many Ukrainians say they are with frustrated with the choice, amid deep disillusionment with the country's protracted political stalemate and economic crisis.

Femen, whose members are mostly university students, drew international attention last summer by holding a protest against Ukraine's sex tourism trade where activists picketed in central Kiev wearing only their underwear.

Polls close at 8 PM (1 PM EST) local time.

Source: AFP